Abelia is the business association of Norwegian knowledge and technology based enterprises within NHO.

Who are we?

Abelia is a trade and employers association associated with Norways largest employers' organisation; the NHO (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise).

Abelia is a non-profit, non-party political organisation funded by the membership fee paid by the member companies.

Abelia is dedicated to improving the business environment for its member companies in the knowledge- and technology based sector, and to promoting the industry's contribution to economic growth and social progress.

By influencing policy, Abelia improves business opportunities for members and supports initiatives that stimulate demand for members' products and services.

Saga Robotics har over 50 landbruksroboter av typen «Thorvald» i drift i fem ulike land. På bildet kan du se Thorvald bruke UV-lys på jordbærplanter for å forhindre meldugg.

Foto: Kristoffer Skarsgård/Saga Robotics.

Harriet Gridley sammen med roboten AV1. Denne roboten gjør at barn som er forhindret i å delta fysisk i undervisning på grunn av sykdom og liknende kan delta gjennom roboten som er plassert i klasserommet.

Foto: Rick Pushinsky/No Isolation.

What industries do we represent?

IT/Tech, consultancy, education, innovation, volunteer organizations, creative industries, research and development.

What do we provide?

Influencing government and other decision makers on policy issues.
Meetings, conferences and workshops with the other companies within Abelia as well as 30.000+ other NHO member companies.

Access to news and research on trends within the industries we represent.
Free legal advice on labour legislation, HSE, employment contracts, wage determination and human resource strategies.

We strive to position the Norwegian tech industry on the global scale. Would your organization be a good partner for Abelia? Please reach out.

For other inquiries contact post@abelia.no.

Do you want to check if Abelia would be a good fit for your company? Contact our marketing manager, Caroline, and she will answer your questions.

For other inquiries contact post@abelia.no.