System innovation is the future: Walk the Talk with Abelia

  • 24. sep 2020, til 31. des 2020
  • Digital webinar
  • Free

Have a look at the Walk n' Talk seminar during Oslo Innovation Week.

Watch the seminar here! Remember to turn the quality to HD.

Where the Planet is today is a result of what we have done so far. To change direction we need to do things differently – but how?

Abelia is a facilitator of system dialogues in the Norwegian business community. We aim to facilitate collaborations and assist businesses in seeking solutions to the challenges we are facing today and tomorrow.

At this seminar, Eline Oftedal, Head of Innovation and Business Development at Abelia invites you to a digital Walk the Talk through Oslo. On her way, she meets up with interesting people in the Norwegian tech and business community, to explain why and how businesses can take advantage from system innovation. The persons you will meet are Thina Saltvedt, Chief Analyst in Nordea, Gisle Mariani Mardal, Head of development at Norwegian Fashion & Textile Agenda and Christina Kjær Seime, Agile coach at Miles AS.

Walk the Talk is hosted by Abelia, and takes place during Oslo Innovation Week 2020. Here you find the program at OIW.


Gisle Mariani Mardal Gisle is head of development for Norwegian Fashion & Textile Agenda – An industry cluster for fashion and textile companies situated in Oslo.  

The global fashion industry is in need of a total systematic change to become sustainable and profitable. How do we change the paradigm in such a complex and globally interwoven industry? And to what extent is technology the answer when we know it’s just as much a cultural challenge? 

Christina Kjær Seime works as an agile coach at Miles. She is devoted to enabling team and organisations to collaborate and find new ways of working together. She is passionate about all things related to creating great products and services, convinced that this relies as 
much on inter-human aspects and communication as it does on technology. That is why she always has a strong focus on fostering an environment of trust and transparency where she works, to enable change and innovation. 

 Thina Margrethe Saltvedt is a Chief Analyst at the Sustainable Finance division at Nordea Bank, the largest banking group in the Nordic region. Before joining the Sustainable Finance group in January 2018, she worked as a chief analyst macro/oil for more than 10 years at Nordea Markets. Thina is a board member of ZERO, an independent, ideal environmental foundation. Before Nordea, she held a position with Norges Bank within the Financial Stability area. Thina has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree in Economics from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), United Kingdom. 

Eline Oftedal is head of innovation and business development at Abelia. She is a former director of the space industry organization for Norwegian space activities and mostly aims at the stars. Eline has a broad background with experience from research, politics, and international cooperation.  

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